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Get Ready: Encores Time is Here February 17, 2009

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In case you’ve forgotten, the Encores and More Consignment Sale begins this Friday.  You can get all the details at their site.  Preparing for Encores is a big deal in my house (and has been for 13 years now).  I thought you might like some tips on getting ready for this event.  If you aren’t from Franklin, Encores is a massive consignment sale held for one week, twice a year.  They specialize in children’s clothing, toys, etc… but they also have adult clothes and home decor items.  These tips will also be helpful come garage saling season, so keep them handy.

(Note:  I’ll be at the sale with a Frugal in Franklin table.  Be sure to stop by and introduce yourself!)

Before the sale:

  1. Clean out all of the clothes for the upcoming season (right now that means summer).  Weed out all those things that were never worn or don’t fit anymore.  Also, check toys, maternity clothes, children’s furniture and anything else you might want to clear out.
  2. Prepare your items to sell (it’s too late for this sale), but keep it in mind for next time.  Or, decide who you might be able to share the items with.  If you are going to hand them down to a friend, do it in advance of the sale so that she doesn’t buy unnecessary items.
  3. Make a checklist for each child for whom you will be shopping.  You can do this on a 3×5 card or create a spreadsheet that you can re-use.  It depends on your personality.  If it’s a really hectic day, scrawl it on the palm of your hand.  Be sure to include the following for each child: clothing sizes, shoe sizes, and measurements (maybe waist, inseam, and arm length).  Then create a list of needs for that child.  My list would look something like this:
  • 5-7 outfits for play
  • 1-2 church outfits
  • windbreaker or sweater
  • swimsuit(s)
  • 1 pair of decent pajamas
  • dress sandals
  • casual sandals

This is an entire season of clothes for one of my kids.  I would pare down the list, based on what we had already obtained from other sources.  Don’t forget to consider other needs you may have.  Ask yourself about:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Shower gifts
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Yard toys
  • Bigger car seats, strollers, beds, or potty chairs

Lastly, think about items you may want to pick up for yourself or your home.  Would a breadmaker help you cut your grocery budget?  Would a table lamp help you cut back on overhead lighting?  Do you need any clothes for the summer?

On the day of the sale, be sure of the following:

  1. Make sure you have eaten, are well hydrated, and have had a bathroom break before you go.  If you are expecting, this goes double for you.  The lines can be long!
  2. Dress comfortably-especially your shoes.  Also be sure to dress for the weather.  In the summer it’s hot and in the winter it’s cold.  Dress accordingly.
  3. Bring a bag or basket for your finds.  I think it’s helpful to  have sold sign to put on top of your stuff if you need to put it down in a corner for just a second.
  4. Your list!
  5. A tape measure.
  6. Take big kids (over 10) who will be picky about what you buy.  Leave little kids at home.  Children under 10 are not allowed, and you won’t want them with you anyway.
  7. Patience and great attitude. 

Have a great time, and feel free to come back here to tell us about your great deals!


Great Stockpiling Resource

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How do you know what a good price is?  That’s one of the most frequent questions I hear from new stockpilers.  So how do I organize my thoughts on this?  Well now I don’t have to, because…

Jenny at Southern Savers has done it again.  She has posted a list here of the top price she is willing to pay for items she is stockpiling.  She also has a blank form so that you can fill in your own.  I will see what I can do about posting my list for you.  But I wanted to get this resource to you as quickly as possible.  Enjoy!


Want to Have a Party?

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Is the internet just not enough to help you learn everything you want to about grocery savings?  Do you need to be able to ask questions in person?  Are you just a person who likes an excuse to get your friends together?  Check out my new Learn How page.


Rite Aid Picture

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I thought you might like seeing my Rite Aid picture from yesterday.  I still can’t believe that Rite Aid paid me $2.36 to buy all this great stuff for Graceworks♥.  I won’t list out the deal for each, but the basic scenario is that all of the deoderant was on sale ranging from .82-$1.07 and I used $10.50 in coupons ranging in value from .75/1 to 1.00/1.  The shampoo was on clearance for 2.49 and I used a 2.00/1 Q.  Finally, there was a $5 SCR on 4 Speed Stick deoderants.


It’s Free

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free-stuffsignAre you looking for some Freebies?  Check out the Festival of Frees at ThrifyMama.  Or for mailbox freebies, you can try Centsable Momma here.


Rite-Aid Deoderant Deal February 16, 2009

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I just had one of those sublime couponing experiences.  The Rite Aid on 96/Murfreesboro in Franklin is clearing a lot of deoderant.  I was able to buy 10 deoderants with my coupon stash (and a shampoo) for $2.64.  But, it gets better because 4 of the deoderants were Speedstick, so I can rebate them and make a profit.

I promise, I didn’t buy all the deoderants!  If you live close by and have a good stash of coupons, you may want to give it a swing.


Goldfish Cracker Deal and Some Target Printables

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Common Sense With Money has a list of new Target printables as well as a plan for .66 Goldfish.  Check it out here.   While you’re there, you might want to find out how to get some free Yes to Carrots lip balm here.

Note:  Target has different pricing structures for different stores.  You might not want to make a special trip.  Or you could check at for other Target deals so that you maximize your trip.