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Universal Bean Soup Recipe February 16, 2009

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bean-soupOne of the best things that I learned from Amy Dacyzyn in the Tightwad Gazette series, is the importance of being able to retro-fit a recipe to the ingredients you have on hand.  She has several universal recipes in her series.  Over time, I have developed my own mix and match recipe for bean soups in the crockpot.

  • I begin with 1lb. of dried beans.  I presoak them and place them in a crockpot.  Then comes the creativity:
  • Add about 6 cups of chicken broth, or water and bouillon.

Those are the only necessary ingredients.   The rest is up to you.  Here are some things that work well:

  • 1-2 c. of meat (ham, sausage, browned ground beef, etc…)
  • Cooked greens (Spinach, kale, etc…)
  • Diced Veggies (Celery, Carrot, Onion)
  • 14 oz. can of diced tomatoes (Ro-tel if you want spicy)

I let it cook all day in the crockpot.  When the beans are soft, I add a good dash of Adobo seasoning and fresh ground pepper to taste.  Enjoy!


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