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Rite-Aid Deoderant Deal February 16, 2009

Filed under: Drugstores — frugalinfranklin @ 11:03 pm

I just had one of those sublime couponing experiences.  The Rite Aid on 96/Murfreesboro in Franklin is clearing a lot of deoderant.  I was able to buy 10 deoderants with my coupon stash (and a shampoo) for $2.64.  But, it gets better because 4 of the deoderants were Speedstick, so I can rebate them and make a profit.

I promise, I didn’t buy all the deoderants!  If you live close by and have a good stash of coupons, you may want to give it a swing.


One Response to “Rite-Aid Deoderant Deal”

  1. Amy Says:

    I was planning to head over there tonight anyway. Thanks for the heads up! Did my first CVS run today: spent $44.12, saved 22.53 and got $20.99 in ECB!

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