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“Fireproof” Valentine for My Sweetie February 10, 2009

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flame-heart1Valentine’s Day is always a frugal affair at my house.  I usually treat the kids to a $1 box of chocolates and a small token (about $1) at the breakfast table.  My hubby is the difficult one, as he and I try to keep to a budget under $15 (and preferably $10).  Adhering to the budget, while purchasing something meaningful, is what makes the gifts so special.  You really have to know the other person to pull it off.  So here goes my plan for this year…

Just a few weeks ago, we rented and watched the movie “Fireproof.”  If you’ve seen the movie, then you know that it’s about a couple who are struggling in their marriage.  The husband reads a book that has 40 days of challenges in it.  Each day he must work on another “love dare” that will help him to care for his wife.

There is a book published by Broadman Holman, called the “Love Dare.”  It has some great ideas in it. But, I wanted to custom make the dare for my husband.  So, I sat down and wrote out a list of 40 things that I could do to show my husband how precious he is to me.  My plan is to give him a card announcing my 40 day challenge on Valentine’s Day.  Then every day, I will follow through on my plan, giving him an opportunity to guess what the challenge was at the end of the day.

You might wonder where I came up with 40 days of ideas.  There is a great blog posted by Amanda  here, that lists 3 months of ideas.  If you know your spouse very well, you can probably think of a few things you can do on your own.  I won’t share all 40 of my days, but they include things like:

  • Walking with my husband in the morning
  • Asking for more input on the menu plan
  • Surprising him at work and taking him for coffee
  • Cleaning some of my junk out of the garage

I am so excited to turn 1 day of celebrating our love into 40 days!  If you have any clever ideas for presenting my plan to my hubby, I would love your comments!


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