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Run, Don’t Walk!!!!!Do not miss!!!! February 9, 2009

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Of course, the week I decide to start posting Kroger deals, they go and do something crazy.  As many of you know, there is a very nice new Kroger opening in Spring Hill on Wednesday.  In celebration, the Kroger in Independence Square (and I suspect all local Krogers) are honoring their grand opening prices.  Check it out:

Kroger Shred and Bar Cheese 8oz. $1.00

Bananas .28/lb.

Atlantic Salmon Filets (Farm Raised) 3.99 lb.

Dial Hand Soap .78

♥VO5 Shampoo .68

Strawberries 1.88 lb.

Asparagus 1.33 lb.

Bonus:  There are lots of Kroger executives in town for the grand opening.  All Kroger employees are on their best behavior and the stores are looking good.  This should be a great week to shop.


4 Responses to “Run, Don’t Walk!!!!!Do not miss!!!!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Watch your receipts. I was doing 3 of the $3 Daytona promos and it only credited me for 2. The manager made good on it, however.

  2. tracy Says:

    I called the Krogers in La Vergne and Brentwood and both said they weren’t honoring the Grand Opening prices because the new store is not in their “market”. However, I then saw a TV commercial advertising special pricing because of the new store opening . . . and the commercial said bananas were .39/lb. So . . . I guess they’re offering lesser versions of the Thompson Station prices. Boo.

  3. frugalinfranklin Says:

    The grand opening ad says “All Springhill and Franklin Stores Join In.” Bummer that your stores aren’t joining in.

  4. kelly Says:

    in the fine print at the bottom it says that it is valid at all middle tn stores. I was going to call green hills and see if they would honor it there.

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