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Getting the most from a $6.99 haircut January 27, 2009

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Great Clips is having a $6.99 sale on haircuts, now through the 28th.(Please call your salon to confirm.)  I stopped in today and got my frugal ‘do.  It was well worth the price.

I have been using walk-in salons for the better part of the last three years, and I’ve learned some tips along the way:

  1. Walk-in haircuts are perfect for busy moms.  My favorite thing about them is that you don’t have to hire a babysitter while you pay lots of money to get your hair cut.  With a walk-in, you can go in the evenings or on the weekends while dad stays home.
  2.  The manangement of a salon makes all the difference.  I’ve seen a business turn for better or worse in just a month or two.  A great manager can mean a great cut. 
  3. Once you find a stylist you like, don’t be afraid to ask about their normal working hours.  You can request a stylist (some chains charge a few extra dollars for this).  I have found two stylists over the years who have given up salon ownership in favor of managing one of these chain shops.  They gave wonderful high end haircuts for the walk-in price.
  4. Know what you want.  These stylists are trained to give the customer exactly what they ask for when they sit down.  This is not a place to say, “Just be creative.”  (Of course that may change once you get to know your stylist).  Be prepared to explain to the stylist exactly how you like it cut.
  5. Don’t go during peak hours when they may be tempted to rush you.  When they do start cutting, make sure you sit in the chair until you are comfortable with their work.  Take time to look at the cut from all angles.
  6. Most of these salons will not wash or style your hair (or charge extra if they do) so arrive with a clean head of hair.  If you are planning on running other errands, be sure to tuck some styling products in your purse. 

It definitely takes some planning to get the most from a chain salon haircut, but in the long-term it’s worth the effort.


2 Responses to “Getting the most from a $6.99 haircut”

  1. Leslie Mueller Says:

    One thing I’ve found if you do find a stylist you love get her to write her email address on the back of her card, its much less personal than a phone number, That way if you do show up one day and she’s suddenly gone you’ll be able to find out where she’s working now, Also, if you do professional haircolor before leaving your current high-priced stylist have her write down your color formula for you, most salons use Redken line of colors The 5RB you get at ooh-la-la spa and salon is the same 5RB at Great Clips down the road!

  2. frugalinfranklin Says:

    Great tips! Thanks, Leslie.

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